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What if you hate your job? But you can't quit, because you need the dough. Rent, food, going out with friends, it all costs money.


This project, 50-50, is an attempt to find 50 very different ways of making some cash. It's not a sustainable career choice, but it does show that one person can make money a lot of different ways, if only with a bit of invention.


I'm looking for the most random jobs around, so if you have one for me (or know someone who has) then I want to hear from you!


I'll be turning my experiences from this project into a little book, which I hope at some point will find a home next to toilets (and in Christmas stockings) all over the world!


So far I've earned £50 a number of different ways, including stacking several thousand magazines with Beckham's face on, giving a public talk at the same time as stopping the marquee blowing away in a hurricane, designing a (really bad) logo, running a bootcamp and zookeeping for a day.


What's next? Have you got a job for me?!

Twitter.30 Facebook.30 YouTube.30 Instagram.30

50 ways to make £50

1. Stacking Magazines

2. Giving a Speech

3. Designing a Logo

4. Fundraising Guru

5. Bootcamp Instructor

6. Zoo Keeper

7. Accountant

8. Cleaner

9. Gardener

10. Karate Sensei

11. Builder

12. SUP Instructor

13. Santa Claus

14. Hair Stylist

15. Fireman

16. Bellydance Coach

17. Glass Blower

18. Filmmaker

19. Photographer

- Bicycle Courier

- Media company technician

- Furniture Maker

- Prison Worker

- Schoolteacher

- Comedy Travel Writer

- Window Fitter

- Cider Apple Washer

- Ship Surveyor

- Dairy Farmer

- Parachute Packer

- Sewage worker

- Cheesemaker

- Hair Flicker

- Sperm Donor (!)

- Sea Life Center

- Ice Cream Man

- Stunt man

- Snake milker

- Shark tagger

- Medical testing

- Dog food taster (?!)

- Dog walker

- Fisherman

- Wine sommelier

- Golf Caddy

- Private investigator

- Youth Worker

- Migrant Farm Hand

- Gymnastics Coach

- Policeman

- Model

- Dinner Lady

- Masseuse

- Chimney Sweep

- De Clutter House

- Car Boot/ Yard Sale

- Stone Mason








Contact Dave to either offer him a job or suggest a way he could make £50