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Dave's good friend Sebastian Terry has a list of 100Things that he wants to experience before he dies. Following their Adventurous Motivation speaking tour in Australia the pair woke up at 8am on Sunday 28th November 2010, knowing they wouldn't sleep again until 8am the following Wednesday.


During a walk across France, Seb's mate Matty Southcombe revealed that the hardest thing he had ever done was sleep deprivation training in the Australian Air Force. The challenge of staying awake for 72 Hours is more pyschological than physical, but Seb decided to take it on and Dave was more than happy to support his mate, despite a deep love for bed!


They kept themselves busy with a series of activites throughout the 72 Hours, including stand up comedy, speed dating, guesting on breakfast radio and they even captained opposing teams of Aussie celebrities during a charity wheelchair basketball match.


The resulting diaries and video blogs reveal an entertaining record of Dave and Seb's three days and nights awake, as well as providing an amazing insight into the side effects of not sleeping. The event raised over $1000 for Camp Quality, Seb's chosen charity.

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72 hours awake