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Dave's Bikecar journey, the 6th leg of Expedition1000, began on April 24th 2012. Four hours out of Memphis a speeding car collided with the chase vehicle (only due to be present for the first day to provide protection against Memphis traffic) then spun and knocked the Bikecar, including Dave and his fellow adventurer Rod Wellington, off the road.


Luckily nobody was hurt. Dave decided he would continue the journey, but from further south in Crystal Springs, MS. Just over a month later he reached Miami on May 26th, having pedalled Priscilla 1000.3 miles.


Background Story

In January 2012 Paul Everitt, who had built the Bikecar and taken it over 7000km across Europe and Canada, met Dave at the Outdoor Show in London and mentioned that the bikecar was resting up in a garage in Eugene, Oregon. 'You can have it if you want?' said Paul.

'Done,' said Dave.


As Dave was already planning to visit Memphis for a paddle down the Wolf River, a google search revealed that the distance between Memphis and Miami was a tantalising 1001 miles. Of course, the chance to continue a pattern of pedalling between towns that start with the same letter was too much to ignore. Three months after meeting Paul, Dave was back on the road.

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Priscilla the Bikecar is the brainchild of Going Solo's Paul Everitt. Weighing in at a quarter tonne, boasting seats that should be in an office in front of a desk. Both seats offer pedals and gears, although Dave mainly pedalled alone.


The storage box at the back was a new addition on Dave's journey, provided by Mike Watson from Memphis.


1,600,480 pedal revolutions