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Dave’s experience in expedition logistics, worldwide travel, psychology, sponsorship hunting and making a career in adventure sustainable is tried and tested.


Dave is more than happy to offer advice and assistance to anyone seeking it. This can sometimes be time-consuming though, so please think about what you’re asking. ‘Can you please send some information about this or that’ is too open-ended. Keep it specific and understand what you need.



Dave is in a position to help budding adventurers because of years of experience. He's an expert in his field and can assist or advise you as much or as little as you need, from starting out on a career in adventure to setting up a small expedition.


Whether you need one quick question answered, a 30 minute conversation or Dave to manage your expedition from start to finish he can tailor a package/ fee for you (we work to £50 per 30 minutes for a standard call/ Skype). Here are the services Dave offers.


Sustaining a career in adventure

Making a new start

Brand management

Prioritising and time-management

Self Employment

Sponsorship guidance

Health and safety / solo female challengers

Expedition gear

Funding your project

Expedition logistics

I need help to say the first 'yes!'

Social media execution

Video production and editing/ YouTube Channel

Media liaison

Route planning

Self publishing

The whole picture

Direct on-the-ground support

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adventure consultancy

I don't prescribe to this 'fail to prepare, prepare to fail' malarky. If you fail to prepare, it's because you're too lazy to care.

"Just five days after I decided to take on my first solo expedition I was pedalling 2000 miles across America. From sourcing a bike and gear, route planning, contacting press, devising social media strategy and running through emergency procedures, without access to Dave's wealth of experience there is no way I could have made all this happen in such a short timeframe. Importantly, as a solo female I'm left in no doubt that I can complete this expedition successfully, and safely."

- Ness Knight, Adventurer