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If you fancy getting in touch with Dave you can do so below. If you need a reason, here are some ideas!


> You'd like to buy Dave a beer

> Or your company wants to be a sponsor

> You would like to book a speaking engagement

> Or give some speaking feedback...

> You have an idea for a £50 job for Dave

> Or an idea for an adventure

> You have a message of support

> Have been encouraged by Dave to raise some money for charity

> Or you'd like some experience in the world of adventure

> You'd like to join an expedition team

> Or you'd like to have a paddle with Dave


And especially if Google can't give you the same answer that he can!


Drop Dave a note through Facebook or Twitter, or email

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See Dave's Adventure Consultancy for personal sessions and workshops, regarding changing your career, planning an expedition or developing a sustainable career in the world of adventure.