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Here are some of my favourite people. Check them out for a world of ideas and motivation:


Emily Penn, Ocean Advocate 

Sean Conway, Endurance Athlete

Emily Bell, Adventure Nut

Greg Foot, Science!

Rod Wellington, Expedition Paddler

Sarah Outen, All-round Adventurer

Leon McCarron, Filmmaker & Adventurer

Louis Bedwell, Runner and Adventurer

Niall McCann, Explorer Scientist!

Al Humphreys, Writer & Adventurer

Ben Keene, Social Entrepreneur  -

Nat Sisson, Suitcase Entrepreneur

Jamie Fulbrook, Only Bloody Human

Tom Allen, Writer, Filmmaker and Cycle Man,

Jason Lewis, Global Circumnavigator

Tobias Mews, Journalist

Janet Sullens Moreland, Paddle Hero!

Jamie MacDonald, Adventurer

Mark Kalch, Expedition Paddler

Roz Savage, Ocean Rower

Josh Taylor, Social Entrepreneur

The Meeks, Adventurous Family

James Ketchell, Adventurer 

Tom Hough, Chronic Adventurer

Squash Falconer, Adventurer & Mountaineer

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friends & inspiration

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Patrick Albert's 100+ Project

Louis Bedwell's One Expedition

Tom Helbig's 40x40 for 40



eXXpedition, All Girls Atlantic Sail

Boatylicious, California to Hawaii Row

Coxless Crew, Pacific Ocean Row

The Big Cycle, Cambridge to Moscow


Organisations Doing Good Stuff


Pangaea Explorations

Escape the City

Below the Surface


Explorers Connect

Inspired Life

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

Wolf River Conservatory

SUP Radio Show