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Voluntary positions now available for candidates seeking experience in project management, expedition logistics, journey planning, sponsorship sourcing, web design, copywriting, event management, marketing and other elements of an adventurous lifestyle.


Job description

Adventurer Dave Cornthwaite seeks willing and able volunteers to assist with expedition and project planning, in order to maximise success and effectiveness of his Expedition1000 project: 25 x 1000 mile journeys, each using a different form of non motorised transport. Successful applicants will be expected to work from home (on a project to project basis) with regular meetings and contact with Dave and his team.


Applicants should:

> Research Dave and Expedition1000 before applying

> Share a passion for travel, adventure and the goals Dave aims to accomplish through Expedition1000

> Demonstrate an open mind and ability to think out of the box

> Be punctual. We hate waiting a week for an email response.

> Be Internet and Social Media savvy – creatively harnessing the power of the World Wide Web is essential.


Experience & Skills

The following experience is useful but not essential. All necessary skills can be taught during your Internship:


Project management, Copywriting, Googlemapping,

Social Media & SEO, Video editing, Web Design, Photography


Time Commitment

We appreciate any assistance from volunteers and will work out commitments on a person-to-person basis.



Working as part of Dave Cornthwaite’s Team provides a unique opportunity to develop areas of your CV and skill-set, in addition to the obvious benefits of being a part of such a unique, wide-ranging project. Volunteers will receive opportunities to earn commission income in a variety of areas, including merchandise sales, event organisation and sponsorship deals.

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Current Internship Opportunities

> Marketing & PR

> Social Media Gurus

> Film Editors: We are looking for talented editors to produce short or feature length films of Dave's expeditions.

> Filmmakers & Photographers

> Artists & Illustrators

> Journalists & Writers: We can offer you the chance to create an original feature to be used for your School, University, Personal or Professional portfolio in addition to opening up opportunities for professional publication.


If you're interested in joining the Internship send Dave an email stating your interest, why you'd make a good Intern and what you'd like to get out of the programme. Please attach a CV.