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"Time flies when you're having fun, but at least you can remember it happening."


Six years after quitting his job to 'do what he loved' Dave Cornthwaite hit a crossroads: one way, consistency. The other, adventure.


Driven by a promise never to get caught up in the rat race again, the next eight months became a resolution to travelling slow, living life by moments, welcoming the kindness of strangers and embracing as many new opportunities as possible.


From the relative solitude of a sailing voyage across the Pacific to a dangerous yet soul-enriching ride through the American South on a unique four-wheel bicycle, Dave's determination, grit and indomitable humour is matched by candid, enthralling storytelling that will have you selling all your stuff, quitting the job and heading out in search of a lifechanging adventure.


This is a story about what can happen if you follow your heart and allow the smallest seed to transform into something so much bigger. Not just once, but time and time again.


Available in Paperback & eBook

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