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Dave has been an increasingly familiar figure in the UK adventure scene since quitting his job as a really bad graphic designer in 2005.


By developing a wide range of storytelling skills and using these to share a series of unique expeditions, adventures and social projects, Dave's reputation as a Yes Man is confirmed with each new chapter in a prolific ongoing career.


At the core, he is a record-breaking adventurer who has travelled over 19,000 miles as part of the groundbreaking Expedition1000 project: 25 journeys of 1000 miles or more, each using a different form of non-motorised transport.


His uniquely entertaining and motivational keynote presentations have been enjoyed on six continents and Dave has also written three books: the bestselling Life in the Slow Lane, a hapless search for love in Date, and BoardFree, the story of how he left his job to skateboard further than anyone ever had.


As an award-winning filmmaker and social media expert, Dave has created hundreds of shorts and occassionally makes films and creative campaigns for other individuals and brands, as well as prolifically sharing his journeys as he goes.


In 2012 Dave founded SayYesMore, an enterprise based on a philosophy of turning strangers into friends, breaking down fears and hurdles and enabling people of all ages to redesign their lives and jobs. With the first ever Yestival in October 2015 and the creation of the ever-growing YesTribe, Dave's passionate advocacy of adventure as personal development has contributed to hundreds of individuals heading off on their own journeys, big and small.

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"The bravest thing any of us can do is become comfortable with the fact that we're different from everyone else."