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Here's what I know. I really like moving around or, more specifically, not being tied to one place when the time comes to go and do something new, somewhere new.


A few years ago I lived in the same town for years, which meant I made a life there. I had an office, which meant I needed a house nearby, which meant rent and mortgage, which meant I had to work super hard just to pay for the house which I only had because I had a job and needed to live nearby.


So now things are different. I couldn't afford to live the way I love to live if I had to pay for a house or an office in one place, and even though sometimes this means my 'office' is somewhere grotty like an airport lounge or a chain gang coffee house, there are often times when it's somewhere epic and memorable and my shoes are a long way away.


So, this page is dedicated to my office. Which next week will probably be different than this week. Yay!

location independent

Some of my offices

since 2009

- Beach House, California

- Sailing boat

- McDonalds, Reno

- Bar in Cabo, Mexico

- Memphis sofa

- Bikecar

- Mum and Dad's House

- Tent, Mississippi

- Dinner table in Cornwall

- Hotel Room, Salt Lake City

- Tent on the Missouri

- Apartment Block, St Louis

- Sky Tent

- Max's House, Newport Beach

- El Ultimo Mono

- Coffee Shop

- Cruise Ship

- Red Monkey Lodge

- Flat, South London

- Sandbar, Murray River

- Canal Boat

- Rented apartment in Santiago

- A rock in Sweden

- A kayak

- A bench




My Office