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These organisations are an integral part of my team. I couldn't do what I do without their support. If you get the chance, please support them in return!

A big supporter of Expedition1000 since 2011, DMS print the finest DVDs and CDs known to man, with a smile.

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partners & sponsors


I was lucky enough to be Aquapac's Outdoor Champion in 2012, and have used their dry bags & pouches on multiple expeditions.

Aquapac Buff BAM

I've had as Buff on my head during expeditions since 2009. They're great friends, riddled with SayYesMore attitude!

Baselayers that feel like they've been personally made for you by angels. Perfect in hot and cold climates, I'm a bit in love.

The world's most experimental adventure company, Vollebak are just starting out but they're trailblazers with attitude and goodness.

Keen design hybrid apparel to mix in between work and play, so we share the same vision. My feet are pretty happy right now!

Sleeping bags that literally hug you until you fall asleep, whatever the temperature outside. I'm in love with my Yeti VIB 800.

Simple, beautiful digitised OS maps for phones and tablets. Makes navigation and tracking easier and more accurate than ever.

Natural-Hero palm

Paddling equipment of the highest quality. I've used Palm gear on every one of my river expeditions, big or small.

Hammocking is my preferred way of sleeping on an adventure and Hammock Bliss' Sky Tent is my home away from home.

If you'd like to support Dave's projects and adventures, or to sponsor a particular aspect of his work, please do get in touch.



I haven't found better muscle recuperation and relaxation products than these. Hot Ginger muscle rub is a treat on every journey.

Doing their bit for the 397 American National Parks, Flow have partnered with SayYesMore to create some cool designs.

Flow397.white HammockBlissWhite YetiWhite

Simple, beautiful digitised OS maps for phones and tablets. Makes navigation and tracking easier and more accurate than ever.

Tough watches built to sustain the harshest conditions. Nite also run a community of inspiring folk. Time for an adventure!

Anquet Nite

A clothing brand and life ethos dedicated to changing global behaviour and mindset one positive attitude at a time.

SayYesMore Powertraveller

Keeping my electrical gear charged while on the move would be impossible without PT's portable batteries & solar panels.

Vollebak Tentipi+strap(white)

When it comes to bringing Scandinavian excellence to a global camping market, Tentipi's range of expedition and event tipis are the bomb.