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Dave is an experienced public speaker who has entertained and inspired audiences on six continents. He offers a number of different presentations, all supported by images, quotes and video.


Keynote: Say Yes More

For after-dinner entertainment or an all-round motivational smörgåsbord, Dave's Say Yes More lecture is designed to promote thought and action towards a happier, more adventurous life.


Funny, insightful, breathtakingly honest and endlessly positive, the bits in between Dave's journeys and the decisions which led to him forming a career based on his passions form the spine of this story. From graphic designer to record-breaking adventurer, his keynote address is centred around chasing passions, escaping a rut and creating a personal culture of goals, values and purpose.


Making a Career from your Passions

Also available as a workshop

Learn how to break down the fears that encourage stagnation in an unwanted profession. Devise the breakaway steps, visualise the correct future path, make peace with compromises and stay brave, motivated, efficient and focused.


Memory Creation: Living in the Moment

Also available as a workshop

Ever felt like time has just disappeared? Dave's masterclass on weighing time down with experience employs tricks, tactics and habit-defining newness projects which are instantly and entirely relatable to anybody. Start making life count, now.


Expedition-focused lectures

From skateboarding across Australia, swimming the Missouri, kayaking the Murray to paddleboarding the length of the Mississippi River, single lectures focusing on Dave's record-breaking journeys offer a true insight into life on the road (or river).


How to Believe in Yourself

Also available as a workshop

Learn how to visualise a point in the future before the first steps forward have even been taken. A skill employed by successful athletes, entrepreneurs and changemakers, Dave explains how small changes in mindset lead to big changes in personal development.


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be inspired

"Dave opened our TEDx conference with the brief of throwing the day wide open. No one could have done it better. He made an astounding impact. Absolutely magnificent."

- Charlotte Calkin, Organiser, TEDxYouth@Bath

"If dave had charged us what he is worth he'd be sitting at home right now with a pot noodle"

- austin vince, adventure travel film festival


"Dave is an amazing speaker,

genuine, engaging and funny.

He awakens in you the need to dream big dreams and simply dare to achieve them."

- Jason Jechs, Executive Director

"His talk is worth your time."  

- Derek Nordeen, Board of Endodontics

"A natural speaker and story-teller. Inspirational, candid and comical in equal measures. He is the perfect example of someone who turns ideas and dreams into realities. Can't remember the last time I cried with laughter during a Q&A session!" 

Rob Symington - Founder, Escape The City


I absolutely loved your talk, hilarious, self-deprecating, authentic, inspirational, fast-moving and although there were 100's of people in the same room as us, it was as intimate as having a one-on-one cup of tea with you. I left the room repeatedly saying 'say yes', and I'm certain I'll be keeping this with me for years to come.

Jamie McDonald, Adventurer and Co-Founder of the Superhero Foundation


"Drawing from innovative, real-life leadership experience, Dave shares in a candid and at times hilarious manner, the powerful lessons he has learned from each of his adventures and relates them back to day to day items and goal setting. His fresh and compelling point of view is a great draw card and inspires positive changes in both work and personal life."

- Robbie Bennetts - CEO, Professional Investment Holdings Ltd."

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