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After skating across the UK and Australia Dave needed a new challenge, and it so happened that a newspaper article about a random contraption called an Aquaskipper caught his eye.


A couple of weeks later Dave was sinking rapidly on his first attempt, realising that the 'skipper' wasn't quite as easy as it looked. It was a soggy start to a project called 'BounceFree'.


Perseverance paid off though, when Dave won a national competition to become 'The Face of Aquaskipper!' and was flown off to Malta to film a promo video.


In September 2007 Dave wiped 5 seconds off the not-very-well-contested British 100 metre record, knocking it down to a currently unbeaten 21.9 seconds.


These days, whenever a TV show wants the Aquaskipper to be involved, they call Dave to show it off! There are perks to being the only person who can do something, however random!

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The Aquaskipper