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In April 2014 I was joined by my friends Jamie Fulbrook and Ned Aufenast on an epic, 1009 mile journey north from Chile's capital of Santiago, right into the heart of the Atacama Desert.


We were riding Whikes, an innovative combination of pedal powered recumbent tricycle, and a sail. We spent 19 days on the road, taking on Chile's turbulent topography, which meant that in total we ascended over 18,000 metres of hills, that is more than two times the height of Everest.


And someone once said that Whikes weren't made to go uphill!


From the challenges of carrying enough supplies across the world's driest hot desert to sleeping in freezing conditions. Dealing with earthquakes (there were 14 in Chile during our journey) and the aforementioned mountain ranges, this was a tough physical challenge with the occassional wind-assisted reward.


An amazing challenge on a superbly fun mode of transport and a truly successful 9th campaign for Expedition1000.



The Whike is a three wheeled recumbent pedal trike with a sail, developed by a small dutch team who love sailing and cycling.


Whike's aim is to promote the use of wind power for long-distance touring and adventuring, and with this journey we proved that the Whike is capable of tackling hills as well as flat plains.


Jamie Fulbrook founded the visual online documentary start-up, OnlyBloodyHuman.

Ned Aufenast is a keen sportsman and runs Whike UK.

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We continue on our quest to raise £1,000,000 for charity.


Please do donate to CoppaFeel!'s efforts towards breast cancer awareness if you've enjoyed following this journey.

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