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Dave is 11 journeys into Expedition1000, his pursuit of 25 journeys of over 1000 miles, each using a different form of non-motorised transport.

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From physical to social projects, this smörgåsbord is a reminder that adventure comes in all different shapes and sizes.

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Dave is an experienced public speaker who has entertained audiences on six continents.

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Dave Cornthwaite is an English adventurer with a few world records and a terrible fear of motors. He's also an author, motivational speaker and Nutella fiend. Here's his bio, and

here's his blog.



25 non-motorised 1000+ mile journeys, microadventures, thought-provoking social projects and inspirational keynotes. He's paddled the Mississippi, skated across Australia, aquaskipped on the telly and taken 1000 photos in 1000 days, amongst other things.

There's something addictive about saying yes more, treating every stranger like they're a friend waiting to happen and not letting fear getting in the way of new experiences. Get ambitious, do justice to your potential and make every moment count.

Dave's latest book project is a blast to the working senses, as he seeks to prove that with an open mind there's a bunch of ways to earn a living.

50 Ways to Make £50

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