Say hi

If you need a reason, here are some ideas!

  • You'd like to buy me a beer
  • You'd like me to speak at your event or for your business or school
  • Your company wants to be a sponsor but doesn't want my soul in return
  • You'd like to be an intern for me or SayYesMore
  • You have some (kind) feedback
  • Message of support
  • You want my address so you can send some Nutella
  • I encouraged you to take on an adventure - I want to hear that you're doing it
  • You're the parent of someone who I encouraged to do an adventure (sorry)
  • You'd like some experience in the world of adventure


You won't believe how often this happens, but please don't:

  • Send me your entire life story unless I ask for it. I don't necessarily need to know the names of your grandparent's dogs...
  • Ask me a question that Google has the answer for
  • Ask me to re-write part of a book I once wrote. I wrote it to avoid doing this repeatedly :)
  • Ask me for sponsorship unless you see a Bank of Dave logo on this website (will never happen)
  • Ask me to tell you what adventure you should do. That's your job :)

If you're able, keep messages short*, and that way I'll know that you respect my time and advice. I reply to **almost every email I get

* if an email takes longer than one minute to read I consider it spam.
** if you send me an email you're expecting something of me. I retain the right to say no (man, it hurt to say that)

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