A 2500 miles, 3300km journey along the Norwegian coastline in a stunning, unique way.

This is the Hurtigruten as never been seen before.



Dave Cornthwaite is an adventurer, professional filmmaker, motivational speaker and author. His journeys are often shaped by a philosophy to 'SayYesMore' and Expedition1000, a self-set project to undertake twenty-five different non-motorised journeys, each over 1000 miles in distance.

He has broken nine world records to date, including the longest journey by skateboard during a crossing of Australia in 2006, and the world's longest stand up paddle board journey, source to sea down the Mississippi in 2011. He has swum 1001 miles down the Missouri, sailed across the Pacific and kayaked from Oslo to Helsinki, amongst many other projects and ventures.

Dave is the founder of life-fulfilling social enterprise SayYesMore, is an ambassador for Ordnance Survey, was voted one of the 50 most inspirational people in London, and was named in the San Miguel Rich List in 2017 as one of 19 people living a remarkable life. 

Dave has built a strong following since his adventures began in 2005, in part thanks to his daily commentary from the midst of adventures that takes his audience along on the journey. After speaking on the Hurtigruten Roadshow in early 2017 the idea of completing a journey along the Norwegian coast in alliance with Hurtigruten was born.

This journey, earmarked for the Summer of 2017, would be the 14th leg of Expedition1000, and the aim of the trip, beyond self propelling himself along the very route that Hurtigruten travels daily, would be to capture the enormity and beauty of the Norwegian coastline, and to create a written, photographic and filmic narrative that attracts a younger demographic to the Hurtigruten brand.

This film about Dave's life of adventure has received almost 250,000 views on Facebook alone


Mode of Travel

Dave would travel on an innovative form of water bicycle called the Schiller Bike, created by Judah Schiller in California. With average speeds of 5-6 miles per hour and a top speed of 10-11 mph this craft is eye-catching, well designed and unique, all brand elements that relate to Hurtigruten. 

And it would be easy to wrap the water bike up in Hurtigruten branding. 

Not only that, but the innovation behind the Schiller Bike combined with a world record distance on this mode of transport is perfect for turning heads, whether they belong to tens of thousands on social media, or those lucky passengers passing by on the Hurtigruten fleet.

Of course, once the journey is finished the Schiller Bike could make its home on board the Hurtigruten fleet, ready for try-outs by eager passengers.



Timeline and ITINERARY

Covering 7-8 weeks in July, August 2017, this journey will begin in Kirkenes and end in Bergen, with the remaining (Non-Hurtigruten route) section of the coast covered over a fortnight-long spell in September 2017.

Following the Hurtigruten route south from Kirkenes, Dave will camp along the coastline and visit ports enjoyed by Hurtigruten passengers, capturing all of his experiences on film and providing daily social media content to Hurtigruten for promotional means.

Dave and his team will work closely with Hurtigruten staff on the ground in the UK and at sail in Norway, to ensure that his ongoing journey becomes a credible side narrative to Hurtigruten's own aims, including shared stopping points, interaction with ships and passengers throughout the trip, and special films engaging the Hurtigruten online audience throughout.


The Power of a Story

Dave makes a living from telling stories. Whether it's to businesses, schools, festivals or thousands of attendees at TEDx events, he understands that it's not what you do that's important, it's how and why.

Norway's dramatic and ever-changing coastline is the perfect setting for a unique story. Dave often shoots his adventures solo, his Schiller Bike will be set up with waterproof cameras, he will travel with a high definition SLR for photos and filming, as well as a camera drone with tracking capability which will enable the most wonderful shots of Dave pedalling along, often with Hurtigruten ships in the background. 

A live tracking map would enable a global audience to follow Dave's progress, and daily output for social media and YouTube will make this one of the most engaging journeys to follow. Dave skill set will allow:

  • Daily video diaries
  • Promotional shoots for Hurtiguten
  • Daily photos of landscape and journey
  • Live Q&A via streaming video even as Dave is pedalling (might have to save this for the calmer days!)
  • Capture of stock photographs and footage for Hurtigruten's archive

Ultimately, a final, professionally edited film of the journey would be the end product, to send out to film festivals around the world as well as exploring viral potential on line.

The scale of this journey fits well with the romance of adventure travel, and the stories that will undoubtedly unfold will include the people of Norway, regular contact with staff and customers of Hurtigruten vessels, as well as the more personal effort and determination it takes to make any success a venture.

If anything, this is a story that is made for sharing on board Hurtigruten ships in years to come.



Of course, this won't be an easy journey. Travelling on the ocean always comes with risks but with over 20,000 non motorised miles under his belt - almost 5,000 of them offshore - the risks are measured. 

Dave makes a living from adventure and this means understanding the dangers posed by any journey and being fully prepared to avoid or deal with them.

While Dave will travel solo for much of the journey, he proposes land and water-based support for sections of the journey, both to provide back-up in the most threatening coastal waters, but also to aid the photographic capture of this journey. 


Sponsorship Background

Dave has worked with companies for over a decade to carve out his own niche in the world of adventure, and thrives on building long-term relationships rather than one-offs.

Dave has spoken at Facebook, Google and YouTube, worked with brands ranging from Apple to SLH, Berghaus to Blacks, to Jawbone and Manfrotto.

In the case of Hurtigruten, this journey is not just a unique and wide-ranging social media campaign as the quest is underway, but it's an investment into a future relationship. From sharing stories of this journey on future Hurtigruten voyages and at trade shows, to becoming a life-long loyal ambassador of Hurtigruten, Dave travelling along the coast of Norway with Hurtigruten isn't just for the summer of 2017.



Based on previous adventures and taking into account new relationships with global blogging sites and a YouTube maximisation agency, there is no reason to believe that this journey wouldn't reach over 1,000,000 across a period of 8 weeks.

Dave's last journey, a self-supported, 4 week journey around southern Japan on a kick scooter (which as quirky as it sounds doesn't have a fraction of the media appeal of a journey along the Norwegian coastline), received over 48,000 video views, reached 521,000 people and had an eventual engagement (likes, comments and shares) from over 4,000 people.

And these were just through Dave's own channels - not including posts from the companies he worked with on the journey.

Dave's current social media audience is as follows

  • Facebook: 11,191 / Organic post Reach: 41,254 / Average post-engagement 120+
  • Twitter: 17,490
  • Instagram: 5,661
  • YouTube Views: 357,389
  • Live audience reached per year (in speaking engagements): 13,000 +
  • Total website visitors in last three years: 570,000

With the Hurtigruten link combining with a standout form of transport and the backdrop of the Norwegian coastline, this has the potential to become one of the most followed adventures of 2017, globally.



Dave is well-placed to help with Hurtigruten's ongoing aim to lower their average customer age. On Facebook, out of over 11,000 fans, 38% are in the 25 - 34 category, 28% are 35-44 years old and 14% in the 45-54 age group, most are based in the UK (over 4,500) with over 2000 following from the US. Currently he only has 82 fans in Norway, but that is likely to increase this year!


Next week (beginning April 17th) I'll be able to provide a fuller, itemised budget, including purchase and shipping of the Schiller Bike, logistical and technical equipment (like GPS trackers and camera equipment), general travel, land and water support and photography for two sections of the journey, and basics like nothing, camping and food costs.

A big part of the budget will cover content creation, including ongoing social media content for Hurtigruten, stock photographs and footage of the entire Norwegian coast, and a final, professional film about the journey.

Estimated budget: £20,000 - £25,000