Dave has visited over 500 schools since he began his adventure career. His message is simple for the youth of today dream, believe and never give up. 

He is passionate about inspiring young people, getting them thinking about what they’d like to do and encouraging them to go on to great things. With an emphasis on how he chased his dreams towards a new career and life, the students are intrigued by his philosophy and respond positively to his images, humour and anecdotes.



Dave inspires, animates and wows young audiences. Not only are children impressed with his eight world records, they love the stories behind the challenges. His contagious enthusiasm, passion and positive attitude are great fun to observe and the students are left feeling motivated and inspired – it really is learning at its very best.


The Format

Starting the day with a short assembly, Dave will then follow on with group presentations which are tailored towards the age of the children and the philosophy of the school.

To sustain the excitement generated from the visit, Dave always likes to build a relationship with schools. From Skyping in from the midst of an expedition, tuning in to student blogs and encouraging geographical and social awareness through Operation Postcard.

There is also plenty of scope for teachers to create their own sessions - from having children set out their own journey goals to designing forms of non-motorised transport. Dave’s visit lays the groundwork for ongoing lessons and projects to ensure the inspiration never dies.


Skype Into the Classroom

After visiting a school, Dave will offer a free follow-up ‘visit’ via Skype from an upcoming adventure. Of course, this depends on availability of signal, but it takes the children one step closer to the places and activities Dave experiences on a regular basis.


Operation Postcard

With a huge world map up on the wall in a public area of your school, fire the pupil’s imagination with an aim of receiving a postcard from every country in the world. Dave can use his wide-ranging network to get the ball rolling, and by engaging parents and community members to reach out to their friends and colleagues around the world, Operation Postcard becomes so much more than just a map on the wall.


For all lecture bookings & information:

Email: talks@davecornthwaite.com

Feedback from pupils

Dave proved to us what you can do if you put your mind to it! #sayyesmore                                                                       

We heard about the incredible experiences of an incredible person!                                                                                      

Dave inspired us by telling us about his motivation and how to make your dreams come true.                                    

Hearing Dave’s stories has inspired me to always keep trying and persevering to be the best I can be.                   

I look up to Dave as he inspires me to be the best I can be. I want to be as brave and excited by life as he is.       

Dave’s stories have been an inspiration. I want to be an Olympic runner. I know that anything is possible.            

Dave’s exciting stories have inspired me and many others in my school, to believe in ourselves.

Dave inspired me to pursue my dreams.

Dave is an inspiration as he pushes himself. He is limitless.