People have always formed the backbone of my projects and journeys. I've mostly travelled along routes that swing through wild places but dabble in urban, and that chance to allow a human impact along the way is really important to me. 

Whether it's being invited into a stranger's home on the Mississippi, leading a group of inexperienced but capable beginners on an adventure or sharing stories with an online audience far away, I'm always thinking about my next social project.

Although there are natural crossovers with the endurance journeys, I have many alternative projects underway which explore human nature, give me the chance to push my own anthropological understanding.

Whether it's Exploring Mindset, where I've joined forces with ocean advocate Emily Penn to provide a safe, remote space for a group of awesome adults primed for a transition to brilliance, or a hunt for 50 different ways to make £50 (I don't make the best Santa, by the way), click the Projects tab at the top to enjoy (or shake your head at) an endless variety of capers big and small.