Dave is a human fortune cookie
— Attendee at Facebook's IAB #Upfronts, October 2018

Infectiously positive, Dave is a dynamic orator who has spoken all over the world. Guaranteed to motivate, encourage change and inspire. You will not be disappointed.


Dave's personal story is as relatable as it is inspiring. He takes the simple concept of acting on a decision and turns it into a habit and by the end of his keynote you'll recognise an opportunity in everything.

With over 900 presentations to his name, Dave's contagious keynotes pose challenges and solutions, whether motivating businesses, entertaining festival crowds or inspiring students and teachers.

Dave’s story is drawn from lessons adaptable to every audience, delivered with a combination of humour and realism. If you're looking for a down to earth, brutally honest, funny and memorable speaker, Dave's your man.

Thank you so much, you won the morning! Feedback has been universally amazing, incredible since you spoke to a bunch of TV execs!
— Marketing, ITV


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The best motivational talk I’ve seen in 15 years. What you’ve done is incredible, but you remain perfectly, wonderfully normal. When it comes to these talks there are bad, good and brilliant. Yours was the last one
— People Development Summit, Budapest
We’ve never had a better speaker. I can’t say any more than that.
Dave is not only inspirational, he is a very engaging communicator who delivers in a warm manner interspersed with great humour. At our conference the members just thought he was, plain and simple, fantastic!
— Graeme Ambrose, CEO Visit Inverness and Loch Ness

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KEYNOTE - HOSTING - INTERVIEWING - Adventure - Mindset Change - Positive Thinking - Motivation - Values - Simple Living - Efficiency - Personal Development - CAREER CHANGE - BLOCKING OUT NOISE - LEAVING THE BOX

It was a pleasure to work with you. Your ability to present in such an inspiring and fascinating way turned the event into a real success.
— #DTTTGlobal2017
Dave opened our TEDx conference with the brief of throwing the day wide open. No one could have done it better. He made an astounding impact. The audience heard extraordinary talks all day but once again Dave’s rang out. If you are holding an event (for any ages) and need someone to encourage, inspire and motivate then I cannot recommend Dave more highly. Absolutely magnificent.
— Charlotte Calkin, Organiser, TEDxBath
Thank you so much for delivering such an entertaining and inspiring talk. It was certainly a new angle on travel for us and I admire your tenacity. It was lovely to see your engagement with the locals and their fascination with your trips, and I think your ‘Say Yes More’ campaign is truly inspiring.
— Rosie Spalding, Publicity Secretary, Guildford Travel Club

Our managers were really moved and touched, and their minds were opened to the concept of self awareness, emotional and physical resilience, and how important they are for our day to day lives. I couldn’t have asked for it to go any better.
— Andrew Green, Chichester University
A huge thanks for visiting us. It’s fair to say you have inspired and mobilized the whole UK team!
— Facebook UK Sales Team
I bought a weekend ticket to this show and it was worth it alone to hear you speak
— Stranger at Destinations Travel Show
You kicked off our first ever Etape Talks with an absolute bang and you definitely set the precedent at an extremely high standard. The feedback we received around the content of your talk was incredible
— Etape Caledonia
"You were ACE. Really happy with how your talk went. Stoked for the summer now" - Ben DeVere, Sunday Papers Live, April 2017

"You were ACE. Really happy with how your talk went. Stoked for the summer now"
- Ben DeVere, Sunday Papers Live, April 2017

Thank you for a brilliantly funny and completely inspiring talk today. It gave me the kick up the arse I needed! I’m looking forward to joining the YesTribe!
— Leïla Taleb, Sunday Papers Live
Having heard one of Dave’s inspirational talks at another travel conference I knew that our own delegates would be inspired: how right I was! After an enthralling presentation about his adventure exploits he then took a further session about how to improve one’s presence and effectiveness via social media. This too proved of immense value. It is our intention to work more closely with Dave in the future, we could be of immense mutual support for each other.”
— Neil Basnett, Chief Executive Elite Travel Group

Dave interviews actor and extreme fisherman Robson Green on stage at the Adventure Travel Show, 2016.  Photo by Steven Peckett

Dave interviews actor and extreme fisherman Robson Green on stage at the Adventure Travel Show, 2016.

Photo by Steven Peckett

Dave is a truly exceptional human being. We almost didn’t book him because he’s too amazing.”
— Austin Vince, Adventure Travel Film Festival


He was amazing, inspiring, funny, honest, brave and very very down to earth. I had the opportunity to talk to him afterwards and he is a great human!!! We need more of those. Great choice Summit.
Judith Rivero, Head of Learning & Development, Cabana, Hush and Haché Restaurants


I have to say that Dave was one of the most authentic speakers I've seen, his story was so inspirational, fun and positive. His delivery style was like chatting to a friend, you where there with him during his many adventures.  It was a fantastic chose of speaker and really did get the Summit off to a great start, well done Dave & well done Summit.
Joe Parry, Head of Learning & Development, HSS Hire Service Group Plc


I have been coming to PDS for a few years and this was by far the best keynote delivered. It was inspiring, fun and super cool. loved it.
Angel Conley, Head of Learning & Development, iQ Student Accommodation


Loved him!  So natural, down to earth and funny, was completely caught up in his amazing story.   
Andi Lonnen, Chief Energising Officer, Finance Training Academy

A timely reminder that we should take control of our own decisions, and of the importance of creating a story that can hold people’s attention. To keep our pupils wide-eyed and awake for 90 minutes after they’ve been at school at day...that says it all.
— Headteacher, Cranleigh Prepatory School

I absolutely loved your talk, hilarious, self-deprecating, authentic, inspirational, fast-moving and although there were 100’s of people in the same room as us, it was as intimate as having a one-on-one cup of tea with you. I left the room repeatedly saying ‘say yes’, and I’m certain I’ll be keeping this with me for years to come.
— Jamie McDonald, Adventurer and Co-Founder of the Superhero Foundation
Dave’s keynote transformed our audience. He has an incredible talent as a storyteller and using various types of media he delivers his story with a uniquely open, playful, wholehearted presence. His core messages allow the listener to not only be inspired but feel a deep sense of empowerment to go and do, one cannot help but smile, cry and laugh out loud when being touched by his story. And what’s more, Dave stayed not just for his keynote but for the full two days of the conference, making the attendees feel seen and valued and his adventures so much more relatable. What Dave engagingly delivers with humour is transformative and a deeply rooted shift in mindset and he’s a man that truly and authentically connects to the people in front of him in a way that very few can. We were were delighted to bring him to Alive.
— Jana Schuberth, Alive in Berlin
Outstanding. You had our audience on the edge of their seats, with both inspiration and laughter.
— Apple, London
My recommendation for anyone speaking at the same conference as Dave Cornthwaite: ask not to go right after him, that’s a tough act to follow
— Steve Munroe, Hubud, Bali
The world’s merriest adventurer!
— Ariele Gold, Bangkok
If Dave had charged us what he is worth he’d be sitting at home right now with a pot noodle.
— Austin Vince, Adventure Travel Film Festival
Dave’s genuine passion for his past and future endurance adventures combined with a natural and engaging talent for story telling drew in the audience and captured their imagination. The perfect combination of incredible insight, humour and emotion motivated and inspired us all to take on new challenges, live life to the full and SayYesMore. Absolutely brilliant!
— Ceri Maund, ACCA Global
Dave has a way of connecting with and inspiring everyone, of all ages. The message of living a life of meaning is important for teachers, students, parents—all of us. Don’t miss an opportunity to bring Dave into your community, in any capacity you can get him!
— Aaron Eden, Director of Entrepreneurial and Enterprise Programs, Green School, Bali
Drawing from innovative, real-life leadership experience, Dave shares in a candid and at times hilarious manner, the powerful lessons he has learned from each of his adventures and relates them back to day to day items and goal setting. His fresh and compelling point of view is a great draw card and inspires positive changes in both work and personal life.
— Robbie Bennetts - CEO, Professional Investment Holdings Ltd.
Through the haze of what must have been intense exhaustion you gave a fascinating insight into the mind and motivations of the modern day adventurer and stimulated some interesting and thoughtful discussions on how the mind plays such an important role.
— The Wellcome Trust
Dave just crushed it! His talk at DNX Bangkok was just amazing. Everybody in the DNX crowd was wowed by his passionate and motivational talk.
Dave is an amazing storyteller who is changing peoples lives. We can’t wait to invite him back next year.
— Marcus Meurer, Founder of DNX Global
One of the most inspirational speeches I’ve ever heard in my life.
— Chris Higg, Kendal Mountain Film Festival, UK
I sat there for an hour and all I could think was ‘I have to do something with this guy, this is special.’
— Cory Richards, National Geographic Photographer
An email cannot do justice to what has been the most memorable and thrilling day for our 400 children and our staff - a day that all at Burraton School will remember for a very long time.
— Lisa Tamblyn, Burton Primary School
A natural speaker and story-teller. Inspirational, candid and comical in equal measures. He is the perfect example of someone who turns ideas and dreams into realities. Can’t remember the last time I cried with laughter during a Q&A session!
— Rob Symington, Founder, Escape The City
Dave brings an excellent attitude and is the ideal role model. His lessons about learning more from failure are coupled with key messages about the efficiency and success that comes from staying true to your values, both as a business and an individual. Inspirational.
— RPHA Annual Conference
The day Dave visited was the best of our school year.
— Head, Cheltenham School
A phenomenal speech from Dave Cornthwaite changed my life. Since hearing his story I’ve started a successful business, extended it into new continents and started the world’s first Uganda Marathon. It started with a word: yes.
— Nick Kershaw, Inspired 50
Dave Cornthwaite is an irrepressible leader who through storytelling and humour will dare you to live your life more fully. The truth is that Dave’s talk changed us, the script was rewritten that day and we left knowing anything was possible; we simply needed to say yes more.
— Danielle Marchant, Press Pause
Dave is an amazing speaker, genuine, engaging and funny. He awakens in you the need to dream big dreams and simply dare to achieve them.
— Jason Jechs, Executive Director, Red Wing Community
His talk is worth your time.
— Derek Nordeen, American Board of Endodontics
You have made a lasting impact on our region forever. You exceeded our expectations as a keynote presenter for The Adventure Summit, your inspiring nature was contagious and our guests ate it up. You fully embraced the event. You easily could have just did your presentation and left town (after all, that was what we paid you for!) but you went above and beyond to make it a more valuable, personal experience for yourself and our guests! Your style appeals to all types of people, not just those who are seeking high adventure or an epic journeys. Your message came through clearly that simply saying yes more will allow people to have a higher quality of life.
— Tom Helbig, Organiser, Dayton Adventure Summit