To find better advertising is almost impossible.
— Dario Valenti, Hase Bikes

When an idea starts to brew it always helps when someone else believes in it, and you. It's our prerogative to surround ourselves with good people, the ones who say yes and inject enthusiasm and momentum into a plan. Although on the whole I self-fund my trips the people, companies and organisations on this page have made my projects a success with their initiative, support and generosity.


To give you an idea of the social media engagement from my journeys:

RANDOM TANDOM: Facebook engagement
17 DAYS IN MAY 2017

  • Post reach: 102,611
  • 56,010 video views
  • 33,057 minutes of film watched
  • Average views per daily film: 3,100
  • Reactions to 61 posts (likes & comments): 42,709\


  • Total Views (of 30 films): 444,43
  • Total Reach: 521,882
  • Total engagement (Reaction/ Comment/ Share): 3,712 (2,939 / 613 / 164)

Dave is a social media manager’s dream when it comes to creating content
— Patrick Selwood, ICE Trikes

I really enjoy creating content to support a product, service or idea that makes a difference. I've worked with over 50 brands over the past ten years, including Apple, Small Luxury Hotels of the World, Jawbone, Hammock Bliss, Keen Footwear, Aquapac, Powertraveller, Swifty Scooters, Inside Japan, Snow and Rock, Blacks and the West Sweden Tourist Board, producing professional images and films and words that are helpful for them as a brand, as well as being aligned with my mission(s). 

Here are some examples of how I've worked with my sponsors and partners in the past.


  • Here's a gear review for Blacks