We’re here to pass on what we’ve learned…

I’ve been helped by so many people on my journey, and one way of saying thanks is paying this generosity of time and knowledge forwards.

If you ask a question I’ll either reply directly to you with an answer, or if it’s a subject that I think other people would like to think about, I’ll write a blog or record a podcast, and then tell you I’ve done it.

If I don’t feel I have the answer, I’ll either research one and translate it through my own experience, or will endeavour to link you to a wiser source than I.

Sound fair? Ask away…

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IF YOU’re figuring out a big life choice, planning an adventure, or simply would like some guidance on building a new lifestyle, I’m happy to have a 30 minute call to chat things over. I’LL ask hard questions and help you pick apart your idea in search of a positive next step.

If you think it’s worth it, i’ll send you my online coffee jar :)