The average lifespan for a British male sits around the 80 years mark and if the statistics are to be believed, I’m coming up to halfway. Truth be told, I’m relieved to get this far and although I don’t usually make a big deal of surviving another year around the sun this year is going to be a little bit different, and I’d love you to join me.

On October 25th 2019 I turn 40 years old and to celebrate I’m going to cover 40 miles using a different form of non-motorised transport for each mile.

It’s like a little version of my lifetime goal, Expedition1000.

I’ll be spending the 25 October on and around Bury Lake, at Rickmansworth Aquadrome in North London, and I’d love you to join me.

"This is genius! How can I get involved?!" I hear you say. Well, there are a few answers:

1) Come and cheer me on. After the second mile my ageing limbs are going to start panicking, especially when someone appears with a pogo stick.

2) Provide a mode of transport for a mile (I reserve the right to reject your offer honourably, as there are only so many hours on a birthday) - if you have one that you think you can bring along, email, she's in charge of the fleet!

3) Donate to The YesBus. The easiest way is via Paypal (you don't need a paypal address, just a standard debit/credit card), just click here: - THANK YOU! Every entry will go into a draw for a raffle, and we'll draw a prize winner after EVERY mile!


At first though this might sound easy, right? 40 miles isn't that far, after all. 

A mile on a bicycle, on foot or kayaking might be easy. But then consider how many fast ways there are there to cover a mile, and then what happens when these run out? Swimming? Crawling? Roller blades? Skydiving? A wheelbarrow?!!

Although I may need to dip into the darker hours to complete this challenge, we’re aiming to try and complete this madness between 8am and 6pm, meaning 10 hours of daylight. That’s 15 minutes average for each mile. Gulp.


Different forms of non motorised transport on a white background so they look pretty



Really?! You need to spend a bit more time on this website. Somehow my life has ended up overrun by those zany ideas that we usually have in the pub and then discard the next day. So this is just one more idea cooked up over a coffee (beer) that I decided not to forget. And plus, how cool is this day going to be?!

In addition to satisfying my own crazy, I'd like to make a really beautiful film about this project. I don't plan on doing much training so it's going to be an interesting battle of mind of matter, and many of the transportations will be thoroughly new to me. Unicycling? Halfbiking? Roller Skis?! I'd like to think the resulting film will offer encouragement and motivation for everyone out there to cook up a unique adventure of their own, if not to simply celebrate each birthday rather than worry about another digit on your age.

And, while we're at it, let's aim for a nice fundraising target for a worthwhile cause. 


Bury Lake Young Mariners,
10 Frogmoor Ln, Rickmansworth


  1. ICE Trike

  2. Run

  3. Regular Bicycle

  4. ElliptiGO

  5. Wheelie Bin

  6. Swim

  7. Racing kayak

  8. SUP

  9. Canoe

  10. Sailing boat

  11. Fat Bike

  12. Swifty Scooter

  13. Schiller Bike

  14. Human Wheelbarrow

  15. Piggyback

  16. Fold up bike

  17. Garden Wheel Barrow

  18. Kayacat

  19. Stretcher

  20. Shopping trolley

  21. Inflatable unicorn rubber ring

  22. Pink flamingo float

  23. Stilts

  24. Sbyke

  25. Zorb

  26. Roller Skis

  27. Shoulder carry

  28. Tandem Bike

  29. Skipping rope



In the meantime: PARTNERS & PLANNING

This is going to take some logistical forethought.

I'd love for this to turn into a Forrest Gump-like affair, with loads of people getting involved and trying their hand to new things, so how best to make this a group reality?

I'll be reaching out to manufacturers and brands who create different non-motorised forms of transport. Each mode will form a chapter of a new non-motorised transport blog I'm creating this year, and the suggestion would be that once the journey has completed, either the modes of transport will be auctioned off for charity or made available for others to loan to go off and do their own trips, time and time again.

And companies willing to offer prizes for the fundraising raffle.

I'll also be seeking a small, adventurous production company to create a special short film about this day, for release online and to film festival around the world.

And prizes to give away in a few competitions run in conjunction with the project. 



I'm a geek for stats, and this project will offer so many things to measure. 

Fastest and slowest miles, calorie burn and intake, weight loss, easiest and hardest miles, total hours on the move and much more.

Perhaps, maybe, we'll get people to guess what these birthday stats will be in return for a donation to the cause we're supporting, plus a chance to win some prizes. 

This is going to be so cool!



If you'd like to partner with 4040, provide a mode of transport, join the organising team or even just suggest another mode of transport, use the form below:

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