I love having an idea and then making it happen without so much as a second thought, there is so much power in not letting any doubts get in the way of something crazy and just going for it. Mapping out a big old plan and finding support is right up there as one of my favourite things to do, and the focus and excitement generated from a project like this never leaves me feeling bluesy.

Quite often in the past this feeling has resulted in a personal project or journey but in early 2018 I didn't feel the love for heading off on a big solo trip this year. 

So I got to thinking about creating a communal ride, one that would harness the potential power of the British public, include hundreds of different people in a single adventure, and one which would have a positive social and environmental impact along the way.


So, hence the idea is to launch a Schiller Bike into the English canal and river system in the Spring and invite the public to claim a leg of a 2000-mile loop of the waterways. A leg could be an hour or a week - whatever people feel comfortable with, and along the way we'd aim to hold events alongside the journey and inspire regions far away to join a collective goal to pick up #onemillionpieces of litter from our beautiful countryside.

Just imagine how much positivity this adventure could create, and how many people could get involved to be a part of something bigger. 

I'm excited. Are you?!

Written in April 2018


The Waterbike Collective launched in Bishops Stortford on April 28th 2018 and it wasn't long before the media started gobbling up the story. As of June 10th, the waterbike had reached Northern Lincolnshire, having enjoyed the company of 30 riders, collected over 35,000 bits of trash and travelled over 260 miles. Now that's team work.