Hi, I'm Dave. I'm a self-propelled record-breaking adventurer, motivational speakerauthor, maker of little films and founder of SayYesMore; a social enterprise that nudges people towards finding out what they're really capable of.


I'm currently making my way around the endlessly picturesque coastline of Norway, lapping up the water miles on the 14th leg of Expedition1000. I'm travelling on a pedal-powered Schiller Bike for around 1500 miles between Kirkenes and Bergen, a route known as the Hurtigruten. 

The Hurtigruten route between Kirkenes and Bergen has been running since 1893 and is known as the World's Most Beautiful Voyage, the perfect setting for a challenging world record distance attempt by bike on water.

I hope this journey encourages you to adventure, and perhaps even visit Norway one day. You can follow the whole thing right here on these pages.

Leaving Kirkenes on July 24th. Pic by Torben Kühle

Leaving Kirkenes on July 24th. Pic by Torben Kühle




A personal motto that has now become a wider message, a nudge towards finding out what you're really capable of. Join a growing community and play a part in making this world kinder. 

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TEDx Brussels

What an opportunity, to stand in front of 2000 people and share a message to a global audience. And the message is a simple one: life is too short to live for the weekend, so make life as fun as a holiday.

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Twenty-five different journeys, each over 1000 miles, each using a different form of non-motorised transport. This is the project that keeps me adventuring and gives me some identity in a crazy world.

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In terms of ambition and persistence, Dave’s Expedition1000 would be difficult to equal. I wish him the very best of luck and willpower to help him complete his mammoth task.
— Sir Ranulph Fiennes



Making the seemingly impossible, breathtakingly simple, to challenge, motivate and activate.

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Books, articles and a thought-provoking blog. Join me for a series of journeys and stories on life and adventure

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From mid-adventure video blogs to prize-winning short films, brew a cuppa, sit back and relax...

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"Never, ever make a big decision in a room."