A Mississippi Honeymoon

Emms had put so much energy into wedding planning that she deserved a surprise. Wedding clothes on and to the airport we went, and she didn’t have a clue what we were doing, or where we were going.

There’s a balance to endless surprises, and although the first three weeks of our married life were largely based on deception the white lies and misdirection were worth the endless twinkle in Emms’ eyes. The value of being treated should never be underestimated.

Each step was revealed just as it happened. From a day in Chicago to an overnight sleeper train. Onto a surprise platform she stepped, and then we explored Memphis, enjoyed a party with my adopted river family, some of whom flew and drove across the States just to meet the bride.

And then, with the gift of a pair of inflatable paddleboards, we took to the Mississippi River. First with a class of school children led by John Ruskey and his Quapaws, and then alone. And just as she thought the surprises were over, a luxury honeymoon island camp with endless supplies became our home for a few days. Perfect.