My Office

A few years ago I lived in the same town for years, which meant I made a life there.

I had an office, which meant I needed a house nearby, which meant rent and mortgage, which meant I had to work super hard just to pay for the house which I only had because I had a job and needed to live nearby.

So now things are different. For many years I couldn't afford to live the way I love to live if I had to pay for a house or an office in one place, and even though sometimes this means my 'office' is somewhere grotty like an airport lounge or a chain gang coffee house, there are often times when it's somewhere epic and memorable and my shoes are a long way away. 

In August 2016 I bought my first home in a decade, finally able to afford it without compromising the life I'd worked so hard to create. But it was the best type of hard work, because every compromise was worth it. Now I'm based on a boat, and coming home travels feels so much sweeter for the familiarity.

So, this page is dedicated to my office. Which next week will probably be different than this week. Yay!



  • Beach House, California
  • Sailing boat
  • McDonalds, Reno
  • Bar in Cabo, Mexico
  • Memphis sofa
  • Bikecar
  • Mum and Dad's House
  • Tent, Mississippi
  • Dinner table in Cornwall
  • Hotel Room, Salt Lake City
  • Tent on the Missouri
  • Apartment Block, St Louis
  • Sky Tent
  • Max's House, Newport Beach
  • El Ultimo Mono, Malaga
  • Coffee Shop
  • Cruise Ship
  • Red Monkey Lodge, Zanzibar
  • Mountain Hut, Colorado
  • Flat, South London
  • Sandbar, Murray River
  • Canal Boat
  • Rented apartment in Santiago
  • A rock in Sweden
  • A kayak
  • A bench
  • Massage chair, Kuala Lumpur Airport