"A journey of 1000 miles does not start with a single step, it begins with an idea..."


Expedition1000 is the project that gave me a solid identity around which to shape my life and adventures: twenty-five journeys, each one a minimum of 1000 miles, using a different form of non-motorised transport.

Designed as an ambitious opportunity to push limits, explore and have a positive impact along the way, especially when this involves encouraging other people to take an extra step forward. This is a global adventure equal in distance to the circumference of the Earth around the Equator.

As at October 2017, I've completed 14 journeys, covering over 22,200 miles (33,800kms).


I've now finished pedalling a Schiller Bike along the Norwegian coast between Kirkenes and Bergen, Norway, following the famous Hurtigruten shipping route along the world's most beautiful sea route. 

Follow the journey here

The idea of taking on 25 different thousand-mile journeys is mind blowing, and the positivity Dave travels with will always make a difference. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I wish I’d thought of SayYesMore, it’s brilliant.
— Paul Rose, Explorer, Broadcaster, VP Royal Geographical Society

And for all the journeys that have gone before, click the relevant image below to find out the full story...

Skateboard, 2006-2007 
3618 miles
Perth to Brisbane, Australia

Kayak, 2009
1476 miles
Source to Sea, Murray River, Australia

Tandem Bicycle, 2011 
1396 miles
Vancouver, BC to Las Vegas, NV

Stand Up Paddleboard, 2011
2404 miles
Source to Sea, Mississippi River, USA

Sail, 2012
3156 miles
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to Honolulu, Hawaii

Bikecar, 2012
1000 miles
Memphis to Miami, USA

Swim, 2012
1001 miles
Chamberlain, SD to St Louis, MO down Missouri River

ElliptiGO, 2013
1970 miles
Liverpool, England to Nice, France

Whike, 2014
1009 miles
Santiago to Calama, Chile

ICE Trike Sprint, 2014 
1106 miles
Germersheim, Germany to Falmouth, England

Hobie Kayak, 2014
1000 miles
Oslo, Norway to Helsinki, Finland

Swifty Scooter 2016
1052 miles
Tokyo to Nagoya via Hiroshima, Japan

Hase Pino, 2017
1006 miles
Germersheim, Germany to Budapest, Hungary

The 'No I'm not going to travel 1000 miles on that!' list

  • Pony Cycle
  • Ultimate Wheel
  • Pogo Stick
  • Zorb
  • Runbike
  • Space Hopper


Other possibilities

Halfbike, Folding Bike, Wheelchair, Kangoo Boots, Parachute/ Wingsuit multi-jump journey, Skijöring - skiing pulled by animal, Hydrospeed, Hydrocycle, Velomobile, Hand Cycle, Sit-in-Ski, Champiot, Quadracycle, Rockboard, Stringbike, Pedal Coupe, Monovelo, Iceboat, Human powered aircraft, Rowbike, Human Powered Hydrofoil, Horse and Cart/ Chariot, Handcar/ Railcar/  Velocipede/ Kalamazoo/ Pump Trolley, Waterpillar, Land Paddle, Packraft, Snowshoes, Elephant, Camel, Stilts, Ice Skates, Kite Boat, Shopping Trolley, Chariot Skates, Glider, Scuba Dive, Ski Bike, Sbyke, Kick sled on snow, Heelies, Picar Trike, Mochet Velocar, Auburn Speedster Jr, Tall Bike


Potential NEW ways to travel 1000 miles without a motor

  • On Foot
  • Bicycle
  • Ski
  • Hobie Stand Up Pedal Board
  • Row
  • Canadian Canoe
  • Roller Skis
  • Roller Blades
  • Paraglider
  • Horse
  • Pedalo
  • Dogsled
  • Kicksled
  • Windsurf
  • Recumbent Bicycle
  • Raft
  • Bicycle Rickshaw
  • Unicycle
  • Kite Buggy
  • Handbike
  • Skis on water
  • Snow Kite (Ski or Snowboard)
  • Float (on a rubber ring)
  • Underwater
  • Varibike
  • Icebat


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