In addition to three books (below) I write a regular blog on Medium and occasionally contribute to other publications, which include #besomebody, Lifehack, British Airways High Life Magazine, the Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Times, Geographical Magazine, Outdoor Fitness and The Daily Telegraph.


Life in the Slow Lane

Six years after quitting a job in order to chase his passions, Dave Cornthwaite hit a crossroads: one way, consistency, and the other, adventure.

Driven by a promise never to get caught up in the rat race again, the next eight months became a resolution to travelling slow, appreciating life by moments, welcoming the kindness of strangers and embracing as many new opportunities as possible.

From the relative solitude of a 3000 mile sailing voyage across the Pacific to a dangerous yet soul-enriching ride through the American South on a unique four-wheeled Bikecar, Dave's determination, grit and indomitable humour is matched by candid storytelling that will have you selling all your stuff and rethinking your priorities, before heading out in search of a life changing adventure. This is a story about what can happen if you follow your heart and allow the smallest seed to transform into something so much bigger. Not just once, but time and time again.

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When Dave decided to find a girlfriend by attempting to date 100 women in 100 days, the result was a hilarious, exhausting and emotional rollercoaster that took him to every corner of London, and then much further than he’d bargained for. A revealing insight into the way men think and act on the dating scene, Date proves that even with the best of intentions, finding true love can be the hardest challenge of all.

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As Featured in the Guinness Book of Records, this is the thrilling, inspiring story of Dave Cornthwaite's epic journey down-under by a most unusual form of transport. Tired of the nine-to-five, Dave decided one day that he needed a change - a big change. And so he jumped on his RollsRolls longboard (the Land Rover of skateboards) and broke a world record, skating the length of Great Britain. Not content with such glories, he decided to go one better and during the second half of 2006 skated from Perth to Brisbane, a distance of 4,500 miles - raising money for three childrens' charities in the process and earning a reputation as a mad pom. This is the story of Dave's motivation, his stamina, and his enduring good spirit in the face of a huge challenge. Grippingly written and with fantastic photos from Dave's collection, this is an unputdownable real-life adventure story. 

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