dave cornthwaite: adventurer | speaker | author

I live on a boat in East London with my wife, Emms, and love sleeping in weird places, making silly ideas come true and creating opportunities for other people to take a leap forward. As much as possible, I’m led by experiments and the potential of gathering together like-minded people.

Since my first big adventure in 2006 (skateboarding the length of Britain) I’ve travelled tens of thousands self propelled miles and haven’t yet fallen out of love with travelling slow and earning the feeling of getting from A to B.

When not at home, I spend my time leading a movement and community called SayYesMore, still disappear once or twice a year to tick off another one thousand mile journey, and make a living by speaking to audiences around the world about adventure and positive mindset.

I created this website in the hope that others will experience similar feelings to those that I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy. 


Dave has a a habit of doing things differently.

As a record-breaking adventurer he is best known for Expedition1000, an ongoing mission to take on twenty-five different non-motorised journeys, each over 1000 miles in distance. He's completed fourteen of these, so far.

In 2012 he founded SayYesMore, a life-fulfilling movement that helps nudge people towards finding out what they're truly capable of. In 2015 Dave invited his Facebook followers to come camping, and the 19 people who turned up became the founding group of the YesTribe, an outdoors-loving community of doers which is growing globally. In 2018 Dave was selected as a Facebook Community Leadership Fellows in the inaugural Facebook Community Leadership Program.

Dave travels, speaks, writes, presents and films for a living. His ever-evolving keynote speech is a motivating and inspirational kick up the backside for anyone who ever wondered whether they were capable of doing more.

He has a passion for the endless serendipitous moments and meetings that occur on slow-moving journeys, and a love for discovering weird, natural and unique places to sleep and work.

When not travelling, he lives on a boat in London with his wife, Emma, who is ever so glad that Dave has finally made up for being a total loser in his early twenties. 



Moving around the planet is an art. Pack like a genius, dodge queues like a champ, stay mindful without Instagram suffering. Plan enough to be safe but not so much that your adventure suffers; surprise makes memories.

Wake up without knowing where you'll lay your head that night, and let instinct - rather than Google Maps - guide you. Travel is a photographer's heaven, a creative resource and a marketer's dream. But it's also a minefield of potential stress and worry. Travelling well is balancing appreciation with risk, trust with sense and replacing a fear of the unknown with a love for newness.

Explore the world one yes at a time, and whatever you do, don't forget where you went. 


Dave has created hundreds of short films, delivered hundreds of lectures worldwide and travelled over 22,000 non-motorised miles as part of his Expedition1000 project.

Amongst Dave's adventures are record breaking SUP journeys along the Mississippi and around Martiniquelongboarding across Australia, swimming 1001 miles and co-founding the groundbreaking growth mindset projects, Exploring Mindset and Winter Quest

Dave has written three books: the bestselling Life in the Slow Lane, a hapless search for love in Date, and BoardFree, the story of how he left his job to skateboard further than anyone ever had.

His uniquely entertaining and motivational keynote presentations have been enjoyed on six continents and his passionate advocacy of the word YES has contributed to the sprouting of countless adventures worldwide, big and small.

In between adventures Dave is committed to enabling others to reach their own potential through social journeys, workshops, group expeditions and mindset-shaping projects. In 2015 his motto, SayYesMore, transformed into a different beast when he accidentally founded a social enterprise of the same name and a community of doers called The YesTribe, which offers a gentle solution to the mental health pressures of today's society.

Although consistently nomadic for a decade, Dave now lives on a boat in London and in between adventures leads The YesTribe, a community of doers dedicated to redesigning life for the better. He blogs and speaks about adventure, living life on our own terms and maximising efficiency of choice in order to magnify the positive impact of our work and lifestyle.

If his enthusiasm for simple living, the power of adventure for good and the glorious pursuit of enjoying Mondays isn't enough to get you ready for a new challenge, nothing will.

My mission

My mission, I guess, is to offer a reminder that wherever you're from, whatever your background, if there's something you want to do then there is a way. It's not always easy, it's not always hard, and it's almost always down to your mind whether you do it or not. So if you want to try, I'd like to try to help you. 

I've been lucky enough to have some great experiences and I don't take any of it for granted. I think it's important to pass that stuff along. Drop me a line, anytime, if you think I can help and always remember that it's the people you surround yourself with who make life special, liveable and memorable. So pick your friends wisely, and be one of those people who other people choose to have around, and you'll be on the right track.

“The bravest thing any of us can do is become comfortable with the fact that we’re different from everyone else.”
— Dave Cornthwaite


  • Ways travelled over 1000 miles without motors: 14

  • Total non-motorised journey miles: 21,822

  • Books written: 3

  • Countries Visited: 111

  • Lectures delivered: 850+

  • Social Media Followers: 35,000 +

  • Average nights in a hammock each year since 2011: 52

  • World records broken: 10

  • No. of times people have told me I'm going to die: 17,169