I end each year with a review. Knowing this is coming is both an incentive to live richly, and an insurance against the risk of having to write a boring annual look-back.

Once upon a time I'd spend 300+ days a year in the same room. That doesn't make for an interesting blog, a memorable life or any kind of intrinsic satisfaction of being alive. 

The only thing we're truly in control of is how to spend our time. Personally, I need action and movement to feel alive and these yearly reviews are both proof and inspiration for this.


"Remarkable. Whenever I get twitchy feet or I feel like I've got too much city in my lungs I can rely on Dave's inspiration to push me along to not just accepting that life has to be a certain way. 

I was blown away by the embracing power of 200+ awesome people at #yestival2015 and starting my return to Australia last year with a memorable trip to Monestevole, Italy, with the #yesretreat was a beautiful send off. 

My own 2016 journey has been challenging and exciting and the full Disney-scale-rollercoaster of emotion in between and I'm looking forward to some amazing 'life' things to come and getting some mind space to plan some 'adventure' things for this year too. Bring it on 2017 - I'm ready."

- Andy, London



"I've read your story and wondered at least 4 times: "It's just April and he did already all of this? ... It's just another 4 months and he did all this other awesome things?" - Dave, you keep being a great inspiration! Super excited to read already your next year in review!"

- Stan, Berlin