Say Yes More Summer Series FAQs


What is a #SummerSeries event?

The Say Yes More #SummerSeries events are your chance to experience a British summer like no other. Join us for evenings of stories, stars and smiles with other adventurous folk.

We’ll steal out of London and grab a bit of natural peace in the great outdoors. After a night of fresh ideas and fresher thoughts you’ll wake up ready to take on the day and still be back in time for work.

What kit do I need?

We try to keep a low profile so like to keep kit to a minimum.

You’ll need:
A Bivvy Bag
Sleeping Mat
Sleeping Bag
Water for 12 Hours
Dinner (sometimes we pick up food en route, keep an eye on event detail email)

We’re not keen on tents as they’re just a rubbish version of indoors but this may vary from camp to camp. We’ll let you know but as a general rule, no tents please!

Where can I get the kit?

Snow and Rock have given us a tasty 20% discount. Sign up to the #SummerSeries event and we’ll let you know more. Alternatively you can find what you need at any outdoor retailer, or Join the YesTribe on Facebook to see if you can barter skills and cookies in exchange for a spare bivvy!

I’ve never camped before, can I come along?

Absolutely. See the kit list above and embrace the opportunity to #begin and say ‘yes’ more, you're going to love it! 

What if it rains?

We get wet. No, seriously, so what? We will find a way of keeping spirits up even as the rain comes down so please don’t let this stop you.

Should I bring food or is it provided?

Please bring your own dinner/snacks/breakfast and a stove to cook on if you wish.

How do I get there/ where are we going?

Patience young padawan campers, we’ll let you know all the details via email a few days before the #SummerSeries. If you haven't received an email two days before the event drop us a quick email and we'll rectify the situation.

What do we do on a campout?

These events are mini adventures which lead to big smiles. No activities are planned but great conversations, new perspectives and a lot of laughs are pretty much guaranteed.

Can I bring a friend?

Sure, but make sure they sign up through the JoinDave page here.

Can I take pictures?

Yes but please respect that we’re wild camping and like to keep a low profile. Feel free to share pictures etc on social media (with links to #SayYesMore) but please don't mention the exact location.

Why are you doing this?

The #SummerSeries events are a great opportunity to meet like minded people, see new kit in action, get hints and tips and discover the simple joy of falling asleep under the stars and waking up to a new day under a wide open sky. The events are friendly, open and a lot of fun as well as a  perfect opportunity to spend some time with Dave and other experienced (and not so experienced) adventurers too!

Sounds great but who is Dave?

Glad you asked. Once a fairly average Graphic Designer, Dave Cornthwaite quit his job to pursue random adventures which fairly often were the result of saying Yes to any opportunity that presented itself. An author, speaker and general life enthusiast, Dave is dedicated to helping the world reach its full potential one person at a time.

Does it cost anything to join Dave?

Some of these events are free. Some are not. All will be unforgettable. Check with your favoured #SummerSeries to find out more.

It’s free to join the Yes Tribe on Facebook and to start saying yes more.

What is SayYesMore?

Say Yes More is a community of doers who believe small lifestyle changes add up to make a big difference.

Say Yes More believe in taking the opportunity to grow and develop through embracing the opportunities which come our way. Too often our default answer for life is ‘no’ but through opening yourself to new experiences, helping others and exploring your own passions you’ll soon find that life is much happier when you say yes more. It doesn’t have to be yes to everything but just take the time to think before you decline.

Where can this opportunity take you? Who knows? What can you get from it? Anything is possible!  Life should be lived with passion; Say Yes More is about chasing dreams and enjoying happy, caring, brave lives with wide smiles. Wouldn't it be a shame to miss out on a chance to make life memorable? Start now. #Begin. Say Yes More.



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