Adam Browne and Laura Geyer

Adam and Laura come as a package, along with their bright yellow van (and nomadic design studio) Yellow Matilda, and dog Angus. 

Laura is a graphic designer and Adam a photographer with a passion for planning, mapping and spreadsheets.

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Ryan John Scott

Ryan is a marketer by day, but he really comes alive when ultrarunning or getting outdoors with his young children.

He has had a long journey to find himself. Now based in Scotland, he co-founded a trail-running movement, TrailFest, and salutes anyone who endeavours to be ‘The Man in the Arena’.

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L'Chelle Garland

L’chelle is an adventurous soul, former travel agent and kindleworm who owns too many tents and is working on a van conversion project with her partner, Ben.

She lives in Australia, is a climber with a mad fear of heights, and is currently in training to take on the 490 mile Camino de Santiago, gulp!

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Sophie Rooney

Sophie loves the outdoors. She used to kayak for GB but now puts that energy into running, exploring and finding obscure but delicious food combinations (sausages and jam on toast being the favourite). 

Last year, she became the first woman to run the length of Scandinavia, solo.

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Rachel Mills

Rachel is a freelance writer, editor and project manager who has left the warm embrace of a steady job with Rough Guides so she can live on the Kent coast and make time for mini adventures.

She counts kayaking in Haida Gwaii, hiking in the Himalayas and drinking chai on epic Indian train journeys as her most rewarding travels to date.

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Tom Warburton

Tom is 18 and a Dora the Explorer wannabe. He's says he's a terrible ultra runner, although his previous adventures include running across Swaziland whilst telling his parents he was skiing in France.

He once tried to walk across the Negev desert, dressed in a monkey suit. His parents thought he was camping in Wales.

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Sarah is a free-spirited mini adventurer grabbing life by the horns and exploring her wild side. She loves creating unique outdoor experiences, sharing simple pleasures, and motivating people to have fun.

Rain or shine, bring her coffee and she’ll most probably say yes with a giant smile.

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