TEDx Brussels

I had the pleasure of speaking at one of Europe's largest TEDx events on March 6th 2017. With 1800 in the audience and at least the same number again watching on livestream, it was one of the biggest events I've spoken at, and the nerves matched the occasion! Thankfully, it all went well, even if I totally blanked and missed out over a minute of my script!

Below is the film of the talk, please do share it if any part resonates with you.

And here is a companion blog I wrote for this lecture, outlining in more depth the reason behind the story. Enjoy!


Just watched your TEDx talk. I must say it’s one of the best I’ve seen, presentation was just perfect, and you nailed it well making it short to cover the essential. + funny drawings hahah. Perhaps I’ve to watch FOX one day to understand Trump
— Louis Philippe Lonke