Absolutely loved your book! Brimming with inspiration. The pacing and language is super high quals. You must be over the moon with how it turned out.

I really just wanted to say thank you for trailblazing the route to make freedom and adventure a long term possibility. I knew I wanted to change my life and do something more exciting than spreadsheets and internal meetings but it wasn't clear until I met you just how I would do that.

George, Adventure Travel Film Festival 


Dave did a great job, of inspiring our teams to believe even the crazy things and toughest business objectives can seem possible. He delivered this with an amazing humble style, made us all laugh and most importantly allowed us all to feel we could achieve so much more, in our lives - both in and out of work. I’ve had literally nothing but positive feedback from my 80 colleagues – which believe me is really hard to achieve!

 - Sarah Baldwin, MD Gü Puds


My one piece of feedback, would purely be from a commercial perspective (and please take it in the spirit it’s intended) ……I doubt your motivations for doing the talks are to help you become a millionaire, but I’m passionate about people not underselling their  value.


Even if you don’t want/need the additional money,  you could  say £x amount of your fee will go towards a charity or part of the SayYes project. Versus the other speakers I researched, and also the fact you will keep adding to your content as each new adventure is completed, my feedback would be think about your fee (you definitely are worth more!)