Poul Brix recently took Trikey - my ICE Trikes Sprint - on an adventure, the first since my own journeyacross Europe.

He has prepared a great write-up on his blog and also sent us a cool list of statistics about his trip. It’s worth noting that Poul’s trip around Cornwall was done with barely any prep, he got the thumbs up just three days before he started. Go Poul!

#TrikeCornwall in numbers:

23.000 feet of accents (never got off to push)

6500+ twitter interactions

1000s smiles received

350 miles cycled

£145 raised (www.justgiving.com/TrikeCornwal)

17% steepest accent & decent

12 Pasties eaten

8 days on the road

3 maps to show the way

1 near crash (bus pulled out in front of me on a downhill section! I love the disk brakes on the trike)