Through a decade-long career in adventure, leading group expeditions and growth mindset retreats, building a personal brand and giving over 500 global keynote speeches, Dave's series of workshops and classes have been moulded from years of experience.

These are the first workshops in a curriculum designed to make life count.

Dave’s passion and energy is infectious, making you feel you can take on the world - and win. His years of experience in the adventure space and his continuous desire to learn new things, as well as his evident success, means he is well placed to impart that knowledge to novices, and he does so in a way that is accessible and applicable. I would definitely recommend Dave’s social media workshop. I came away buzzing.
— Katrina Meggett
A super-charged social media kick-up the backside, exactly what I need to both get more discipline and most importantly more personality into my businesses social feeds. Thanks Dave!
— Vicky Cable

Unless otherwise specified, each workshop is held in East London (E14), England, lasts 2 and a half hours (usually on a weekday evening, sometimes a weekend) and is shared by an intimate group of no more than 8 people. Individual, couples and smaller group sessions are possible on request.

Read through the workshop descriptions below and confirm your interest without commitment through the form below. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.



Price: £90

Time: Saturday 12th - 13th May 2018

Location: The YesBus, Brinsbury Agricultural College, Sussex RH20 1DL

An extended version of Dave's popular smartphone filmmaking weekend will have teach you everything you need to know to film and edit your own movies on a smartphone, ensuring that together we save the internet from more bad movies. With a combination of theory and practice, a gorgeous countryside setting and an evening film on the YesBus cinema, this is the perfect weekend to hang out with like-minded people, learn new skills and get ready to capture life, better. 

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PRICE: £40

Time: Friday 11th May 2018: 11am - 3pm

Location: The YesBus, Brinsbury Agricultural College, Sussex RH20 1DL

If you're an individual or a small brand aiming to create more impactful, positive and interactive social media content, this is the session for you.

Running a good social media network is a huge step in creating a modern day brand, learn how to grow your audience and develop a strategy to ensure future updating isn't just easy, but fun as well. Keeping your message on track at the same time as relating to your followers is at the heart of all social media, and this workshop will help you get creative at the same time as sharing tips and tricks to get ahead of your competition.

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    Knutson Landscape.JPG

    How to plan a big Adventure

    Price: £30

    Time: Friday 11th May 2018: 4pm - 7pm

    Location: The YesBus, Brinsbury Agricultural College, Sussex RH20 1DL

    If you're preparing for one of those big, life-changing journeys, this workshop is designed for you.

    • Develop a viable project plan
    • Shape an appropriate online presence
    • Overcome challenges before and after the start line
    • Move forward despite unsupportive friends and family
    • Design a project budget and savings plan
    • To fundraise or not to fundraise?
    • What and what not to pack
    • Sourcing sponsorship
    • Ensure commitment

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    PRICE: £50

    Next event: May 2018

    A masterclass in finding safe camp sites in both countryside and inner city without breaking laws or trespassing. Perfect for anyone preparing for a long-term adventure on a small budget, especially those who appreciate the quiet satisfaction of sleeping for free in parks, woodland or beneath bridges.



    Next event: May 2018
    Venue: The YesBus
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    This is the perfect session for anyone wanting to capture their adventure without dishing out extra cash on camera gear.

    Dave has filmed with his iPhone for years and introduces real-life examples and skills, as well as an interactive live-demonstrations of how to edit on a phone. See his latest film from Japan, shot entirely on an iPhone.

    Although the filming half of the workshop is relevant to any phone or small camera, he will be teaching how to edit specifically on the iPhone. 

    • Learn how to frame basic shots
    • Understand settings on your camera
    • Edit using an app on your smartphone
    • Develop a clean, easy and fun workflow ensuring your phone doesn't clog up with old footage
    Dave has completely smashed the myth that you need to have a crew or a film school background to make a mind-blowing adventure film.
    — Austin Vince, curator of the Adventure Travel Film Festival


    PRICE: £50

    Next event: April 2018

    This is part practical workshop and part discussion, covering the basic steps needed to start making a living from the things you love, with clarity and awareness of the challenges you'll face along the way. 

    Tackle how to avoid falling out of love with your passion because there's an income attached to it, plus developing personal motivation, increasing productivity and even learning how to deal with the stigma and potential loneliness of setting out on a new and different career path.

    You'll end this session not necessarily with an entire plan mapped out, but with the confidence that you can make a living from your passions.


    PRICE: £50

    Next event: April 2018

    If you've put two and two together that you only hate Mondays because you hate your job, but the idea of giving up a secure income and lifestyle is more daunting than the excitement of what the other side of the fence looks like, it's time to face up to reality.

    This isn't easy but if it has to happen let's do it right. Part discussion and part practical workshop, learn how to build confidence and lay the foundation of a successful new road. This is a workshop about balancing faith in what you need and an understanding of what you don't, then making believing in yourself just that little bit easier. 


    Price: £tbc

    Next event: tbc

    Location: The YesBus, Brinsbury Agricultural College, Sussex RH20 1DL

    Join Dave on the YesBus in Sussex for a multi-session weekend designed to get you ready for any big adventure. Includes a combination of Dave's signature workshops (see more details for each session below), an evening campfire, overnight camping and basic meals.

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    I came out feeling energised and with a plan to make things work. I know now that I could actually make a success out of what I enjoy doing, and that’s special.
    — Carl Warren Dudley
    A big thank you for yesterday! It was great to meet, talk and come up with some action that focus me a little more!
    — Thomas Smallwood
    Thanks again for the workshop, I really enjoyed it and it inspired me to think much more than my upcoming trip. Travelling around Canada seems like such a HUGE thing to think about and plan, but I can’t wait now.
    — Chris Jones