Five Quick Questions: Anna McNuff

What's your name and how do you describe yourself?: Anna McNuff (Do I win a prize for getting my name right?)

Your Website:

How are you spending your time these days?: I spend my days 50% outdoors - either running or cycling up mountains, splashing through muddy puddles, sleeping in bushes, exploring our beautiful planet. And then during the other 50% I tell stories about those outdoors shenanigans (I totally had to google how to spell shenanigans). 

Telling stories means visiting big kids in offices, and little kids in schools and running around on stage trying to make any kid (big or small) understand that they are capable of more than they will ever know (which is true). I also sit in coffee shops a lot, writing books, articles and wrestling with my inbox. For my brain I do yoga, go swimming, watch keeping up with the Kardashians (totally had to google Kardashians), and when I'm feeling really frazzled I go to the cinema on my own and watch a Disney/Pixar/Marvel film and eat my bodyweight in popcorn. That's how I roll. 

And in my spare time (?!) I run a non-profit women's adventure community called Adventure Queens - which is brimming with 3,000 women supporting one another in getting outdoors and getting WILD.

What's your favourite website?: Your website Dave. I'm kidding. But am I? Yes I am. Sorry. Can I say I know that sounds redunk, but I come up with new adventure ideas ALL THE TIME. And so Google helps me out in fantasising about them. That would be my proper answer. Okay, I can already see you sitting here going 'McNuff, you muppet. Give me a REAL website.'

Here's one: 

I love everything about the School of Life :)

What's one thing you need to change?: One thing?! Crikey. I say yes too much, I try to please people, because I like it when people are happy. That makes me feel happy. But I've done a lot of work over the last year to be more assertive, and I have to say... I'm pretty darn assertive now. But I still get caught out, say yes too much and end up a frazzled mess. So the one thing is... to catch life, to slow it down, to have the nouse to look after myself before it gets to the point where I end up a frazzled mess.

How often do you check your emails?: TOO MUCH. The thing about being self employed is that you never know when a very exciting thing is going to pop into your inbox and blow your world wide open! So I am often checking my emails hoping for that thing to arrive again. Sometimes it does, sometimes it's just a lot of other things I have to do to be able to do the cool stuff. I have recently welcomed a no screen day into my life however... and it is getting me back into balance. I whack my out of office on and spend the day reading, writing in notebooks, heading up a hill, seeing friends. I find the problem with running your own thing is that you never take a break, I can easily go a month without taking a day off 'work'. Thats insane! So this year is about getting my weekends back (even if my weekends happen in the middle of the week - that's cool too).

Anything you want to plug?: Yes please - if you're a lady come join Adventure Queens over at And if you're a lady or a man, you can read my book about running the length of New Zealand: 'The Pants of Perspective' - you can get it on Amazon.