Gear Review: Quadlock

If you navigate or track your rides or runs using a smartphone, this is the kit for you.

Quadlock allows you to securely mount your phone on your handlebars or to a wearable accessory, ensuring that you've got immediate access to your phone on the move.

I've used Quadlock on a number of my journeys and besides the bike, trike, scooter or ElliptiGO I've been riding on, the Quadlock is the first thing in the bag for a journey on wheels.

The Quadlock Bike Kit comes with an everyday-friendly slimline moulded case (options for most phone types and sizes available) which cleverly attaches to the Quadlock mount using a patented Twist, Lock & Go™ system.

Whether you need to nip into the shop for a loaf of bread or quickly snap a photo of those cows staring at you from a field, a quick flick of the wrist will detach the phone from its mount and when you're done the same motion will set it back in place, safe and secure for the next stage of your journey. 


The Quadlock Bike Kit gives you everything you need to set up a handlebar mount and get riding. The kit (as featured in the film above) comes with a phone case and a handy waterproof poncho, which will keep your phone dry in drizzly conditions and still has touchscreen technology so you can work your phone in the wet. 

Also in the box is a mount, two cable ties and multiple elastic bands for binding your mount to the handlebars. I found you don't need the cable ties unless you have an odd-sized bar, and in almost all scenarios the provided elastic bands will do the trick.

Once the mount is fastened you're ready to roll. Ensure the mould on the bottom of your phone case is in line with the mount, then twist, click and you're ready to roll.

When you want to take the phone off, push down the blue band on the mount, twist the phone and lift it up. Easy!



In addition to the standard bike mount you can use your Quadlock in multiple scenarios. There's a belt clip, tripod adaptor, sports armband, a front mount for racing bikes, a car mount to suck right onto your wildscreen for navigating while driving, and an adhesive mount for other surfaces.

And the Universal Adaptor V2 even allows you to attach non-phone products (like a GPS or iPad) to the Quadlock mount.

So many products are give or take but Quadlock is useful every single day, even if you're not out on your bike the case will protect your phone from bumps and scratches, without adding any noticeable size or weight.

In this age of non-stop smartphone use, there is no better cycle touring accessory.



The Quadlock Website

Price: £49.95 for Bike Kit


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