Something had to change

I’ve been working on my storytelling recently, by condensing what could be pages and pages (or books and books) into a few sentences.

I’ve just finished the first episode of a series of 60 second films that tell the story of my last few years. This is the first one, a general overview that ends with what feels like a natural call to action: which is, how can I help? Other episodes will zero on on each one of my Expedition1000 journeys, and different aspects of SayYesMore’s creation. But for now, here’s Part 1! Let me know what you think!

Tribewanted Monestevole

A sprawling Umbrian countryside property, turned into the ultimate escape. Monestevole is a retreat, refuge and working farm and was the perfect venue for a weekend of mindfulness, hosted by SayYesMore. Over 20 YesTribers flew into Perugia and drove to Monestevole, where we enjoyed discussions, games, food and wine over a long weekend.

I arrived a couple of days before the group to capture Monestevole at its quietest. Feeding time for the animals, golden hour slowly revealing the house each morning (perfect for the drone) and then, when everyone had arrived, a weekend of smiles and chats. 

The Uganda Marathon: A Race Like No Other

In the Summer of 2016 the Uganda Marathon invited me to capture their groundbreaking annual event, set in the rolling hills of Masaka.

Over 150 people flew in not just to run the marathon, but to volunteer for four days at the community projects funded by the event. Having spent over a year in Uganda in my early twenties, it was wonderful to be back in the Pearl of Africa, surrounded by the joy and kindness of local Ugandans.

The resulting film and photos are among my favourite collections.