Five Quick Questions: Dave Cornthwaite

Each week I'll be asking someone who does cool things regularly to answer these five quick questions, which I hope will make them seem more normal.

I forgot to ask somebody else to do it before my first newsletter of the year went out, so I'll have to do as a starter. The rest of these will be much more interesting.


Dave Cornthwaite

How are you spending your time these days?: I'm taking a little break from 1000 mile trips for the first 3/4 of this year and am focusing on developing the YesBus - a countryside escape, coworking space and all-round creative hub. In between landscaping and chopping wood I'm slowly working out how to spend less time online. Somewhere along the way I forgot how to put aside some free time.

What's your favourite website?: Desert Island Discs on the BBC. 70 years of wonderful, insightful interviews with some good music thrown in. It's my favourite site at the moment:

What's one thing you need to change?: Honestly, there's too much to reasonably fit in here. I should cook more. Get more sun. Do regular exercise. Stop caring so much about what strangers on the Internet think. I'm a work in progress.

How often do you check your emails?: I've spent so many days getting sucked into an ever expanding black hole of emails and to-do lists, so now I check emails just two days a week. Hello, creativity!

Anything you want to plug?: The YesBus, it's a magical little place which can be booked by anyone who wants to get a group of friends, colleagues or strangers together in the countryside, to think and act a little more positively. I think it's the coolest thing I've ever had a part in creating. Find out more at

How to get covered by the media

How to get covered by the media

My first adventure was more catchy, original and memorable than anything else I've done since. Gunning for a world distance record on a skateboard made for awesome headlines, but it was the combination of a good story, the romance of travel and the added quirky elements (big right calf) that made my BoardFree project so media-friendly.