Things I've learned after two months of marriage

1) Items of clothing should definitely be worn more than once. Especially dresses.


2) Honeymoon is a description not just of the after-wedding holiday, but the after-wedding period in general. So these pictures are just from the first honeymoon. We intend to have hundreds.


3) Ensuring the entire honeymoon was a surprise meant endlessly lying to my new wife. The first two weeks of our marriage was based on deception. I've reached the conclusion that lying is ok if it results in nothing but smiles and the occasional confused face.


4) It's true what they say about Londoners. Only three people braved a conversation in between Limehouse and Gatwick airport, a two hour journey during which we were very much in full wedding get-up.

5) My new wife did not know the difference between New Orleans and Memphis. This somewhat lessened the surprise when she stepped onto the platform after an overnight train ride on a vehicle called the City of New Orleans.


6) I very much enjoyed watching Emms try grits for the first time. And this enjoyment had nothing to do with her sitting in Elvis' favourite seat at the Arcade Restaurant in Memphis.


7) I never get bored of the Mississippi River.


8) Without fail, whenever Em is near a taxidermy'd animal it still manages to catch her.


9) Friends are priceless. My river family grows each time I visit the banks of the Missouri or Mississippi, and this time they travelled from near and far to meet my bride. Too many thank you's to make here.


10) To small American children (and some adults), an English person saying the most unremarkable thing will sound like a symphony. When they're in wedding clothes, expect a meltdown.


11) Butterflies love my wife.


12) Paddleboarding is still my favourite way to move across the surface of this planet.


13) Flooded rivers make willow forests a remarkable playground.


14) Surprising the new wife with a honeymoon camp on a desert island, with a cooler full of goodies = brownie points.


15) Fruit platters look great even when a cricket is on board.


16) Jigsaw puzzles are awesome. 


17) The impact of a framed photo should never be underestimated.


18) Editing pictures of first honeymoon while on second honeymoon is very satisfying indeed.


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